One very fast way of making progress in life and fulfilling your destiny is choosing the right mentor. I have invested a lot of time and energy to select the right mentor.

It’s been a journey of working as a microbiologist in the laboratory, a support worker in the mental health sector, being a wife and a mother, a woman of God, a positive change agent, an activist, and now a motivational speaker and confidence coach. I have been through different stages indeed, and now I am at a place where I have the courage to follow my passion fully so it was only mandatory to get the right guidance, thus a mentor.

This brought me to the decision of choosing Lisa Nichols. I started watching her very regularly amongst other choices and I made up my mind that I will physically attend her live event and take her as my coach and mentor.

Lisa Nichols is an unforgettable speaker, thus it is no surprise that she is one of the world’s most-requested motivational speakers. She is Multi-media personality and corporate CEO whose global platform has reached and served nearly 30 million people. She is also a best selling author. Her seventh Book “Abundance Now” was foreword by Steve Harvey. So yes she is a BIG DEAL!


Lisa Nichols

This brought me to the junction of  buying a ticket for the Speak and Write 2017 and booking a flight to San Diego, California.

On arrival, I could feel the high energy of the atmosphere. We had delegates from all over the world of difference races, cultures and religions. This assured me that I am truly in for an event of excellence. This also showed me that i was in the right place.

The  first day was strictly for VIPs , that is those who paid extra for a special package, which includes more days of learning, more time to network with each other, and especially more time with Lisa Nichols (lunch and dinner with her)… also one on one time with her for personal consultation and prescription.

There were very intelligent and experienced coaches delivering different courses like personal development , entrepreneurial growth , book writing and publication etc, some of the coaches were Susie Carder, Dr Ray Charles, Kathy Kidd, Matt, Gill, Keri Murphy, Jill, and of course Lisa Nichols herself.

Dr Ray Charles was one of the coaches that really struck me. He spoke on personal development and got everyone thinking deeply into their lives  and how to become better versions of ourselves in order to be able to impact the world.


(L-R) Dr Ray Charles, Vowero Otomewo-Oriakhi, Lisa Nichols 

Susie Carder was another! Such a warm and dynamic woman. She is an expert in providing companies with training, organizational development, management leadership development, and growth solutions. Her expertise is in operations, finance, sales accountabilities systems, and marketing. She has a very high sense of humour and you can tell she is a very hard working lady. A great role model indeed!


Susan Carder

One of the amazing things I couldn’t help but notice is that the entire team was full of warmth, togetherness, determination, excellence and truly commendable teamwork.

I also will not fail to mention Lisa’s humility. It is truly admirable. She also has a caring spirit, as she wants to carry everyone along, which is refreshing to see in a world where women are taught to compete against each other.

An exciting part of the whole experience was the Fit Fine and Fab party. Fit Fine and Fab is actually part of the sectors under Lisa Nichols “Motivating the Masses”. It is centred on physical fitness. The dedicated instructors Coach Forest and Coach Anthony facilitated this arm of the event, and taught us a lot of healthy eating, mindfulness and exercising.


Moving back to the Fit Fine and Fab party, this is where we did not only celebrate people who have lost weight, people who have been able to pay off debt, and people who have reached a goal in their savings, it was also a pre birthday bash for Lisa Nichols whose Birthday is 14th of May. Everybody in the tribe expressed their love, support and appreciation in different ways, including song and dance. We ate, drank, and were merry. We had a very fun time, with memorable photographs to tell the tale.

Rounding off this blog post with my most memorable moment, let me tell you what happened on the last day. We were all so filled with loads of content that we were overwhelmed and I’m sure many of us were just looking forward to the trip home. The Abundance and Confidence bracelets were also introduced to the tribe (the attendees).


Then it was time to round up the event and Lisa Nichols had a surprise for us, unknown to us.She made a stunning performance with Matt Gill and LaKeisha Michelle to the smash hit “24k Magic ” by Bruno Mars and the entire hall was electrified!

Wanna get a glimpse of the electrifying performance? Click link below:

After that, she pronounced me as Social Media Queen. I did not see it coming at all. I was so emotional! I could not believe everyones show of love and support! Everyone was chanting “Lady V! Lady V!”

(L-R) Dan Drew, Vowero Otomewo-Oriakhi, Matt Gill

All in all, it was truly an unforgettable experience and I am so happy and grateful to God that I could make it.

I will highly recommend Motivating the Masses,  a campus for continuous learning for unforgettable speakers and result oriented entrepreneurs, where global leaders are raised.

Thank you Lisa Nichols, my mentor and my coach and I am very proud of you.


Book signing with Lisa

(L-R) Vowero Otomewo-Oriakhi, Lisa Nichols

Till the next post!

Remain blessed and always be yourself! Everyone else is taken!

Lady V